Lay Out Description of The House

Level I-

Starting in the lower floor or basement area which has the playroom with pool table, foosball, etc. and bathroom with shower, toilet and lavatory….also leads into the laundry room with washer and dryer. One TV is located in this area as well. There are two bedrooms there.  One bedroom has 2 bunk beds which will sleep 1 person up and 1 person down on each bunk or 4 people in one bedroom.  Directly across the hall is the other bedroom which has 3 bunk beds which will sleep 6 persons. So 10 persons can sleep on this level and this does not include a sofa in the playroom which could be used as well.

Level II-

Going up to the next level are two bedrooms, kitchen, living room.  One bedroom(master) has a bath inside it.It also has a queen bed for 2 people and one futon that folds down as it has a queen sized mattress as well that sleeps 2 persons….so 4 people can sleep in that bedroom.  (note: I believe that there is also a large throw pillow on the floor there and if needed would sleep at least one person.  However, we do not really count this (formally) as a sleeping area but it could be used as such)   Across the hall is a bedroom with a queen sized bed that will sleep 2 persons.  There is a 1/2 bath in the hallway.    Going out to the family room is a new leather sofa in the open area that folds out and will sleep 2 persons.  So 8 to 10 persons total can sleep in this level. 

Level III-

Going up to level 3 or upstairs ……at the top of the stairs is another fold down futon, queen sized,  that will sleep 2 persons in the cove area, an open area.  Entering through the glassed French doors is another master bedroom with a 2nd master bath.  The master bedroom has a king sized bed and will sleep 2 persons…..there is a bonus room off to the side that its own door and there 2 twin beds and 1 full size brass bed in there.  The brass full size bed will sleep 2 and the twin beds sleep 1 each for a total of 4 in the side bonus room.   This room is quite large and has three beds in there .  It has hardwood floors and if wanted or needed to…lots of youngsters could sleep in there in sleeping bags.. 🙂 So on Level III 2 can sleep on the futon, 2 in the king bed and 4 on the twin beds (one person per twin bed) and 2 on the full size brass bed. So 8 people minimum can sleep in this level.  That gives about 25 to 26 sleeping spaces without using any air mattresses.

Note of Interest: There is a country store about 1/2 mile from the house where one can buy milk, snacks, colas, ice, etc. other stuff. It is a Chevron branded convenience store called Country Mall.  Propane gas tanks for the gas grill on the deck can be exchanged there for around $30 or so.

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